Photogrammetry with drone in Canary Island

Remotely Pilot Aircraft 

RPA or "drone" are radio controlled aircraft, capable of maintaining a controlled and sustained flight height, normally propelled by electric motors. With them we carry out photogrammetry.


Photogrammetry is a technique to determine the geometric properties of objects and spatial situations from photographic images. It can be short or long range. Basically, it is a 3D coordinate measuring technique, also called motion capture, which uses photographs or other remote sensing systems together with topographic landmarks as the fundamental means of measurement. 

  • -Photogrammetry
  • Termography
  • Topographical surveys
  • Control and progress of works
  • Technical inspections of buildings
  • Panoramic images
Piloto profesional de drones Canarias
Piloto profesional de drones Canarias

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