It is the process of building a recognizable brand, with personality and that is remembered by very clear concepts or ideas. To do this, there are five key elements (they are not the only ones that you can use, but they are the main ones.) If you succeed in each one of them, or simply in some, your company will benefit more.


- Naming

A suitable name facilitates recall and association with a particular concept. In fact, choosing a name that is not appropriate or that you will not know how to exploit later can be an added barrier to your business. Sometimes it can be more common and associated with what you sell and other times can be more free and personal. The important thing is to know what you want to do with him later.


- Visual Identity

The logo, isotype, pictogram, signature and everything that has to do with the graphic image of the company. There are marks that only make a small stroke and you know what they are and others that just see them remind us of a certain concept.

This section includes all types of graphic elements, such as cards, advertising brochures, posters, web design, photographs, uniforms, shop windows, etc.


- Audiobranding

If you hear a certain noise or sound and remind you of a brand, it is that company has done something well. It is something that is often underestimated and yet it has a brutal power to associate with memory.


- Communication Tone

The way your company communicates with the world defines a very important point in your company's corporate branding. Choosing the right one can make the difference between success and failure.

The tone of communication must be uniform. Your company should talk to your audience in the same way on Twitter, Facebook, an email, a TV commercial and the day-to-day customer service.

You also have to know which tone to choose for parents, teenagers, young people and the elderly.


- Content Marketing

The content shared by a company defines the memory you have of it, especially on the Internet.