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Our Interior Design department specializes in the design of spaces and furniture, under the premise of functionality, aesthetics and open spaces, which provide the well-being and comfort necessary to live and develop the functions for which were projected.

Also, we do Home Staging, or a set of techniques that allow to enhance a home and give it a more attractive look for potential buyers. Home Staging literally means staging the house. These techniques were developed in the United States about thirty years ago and are now being applied in Europe in countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden or France.


The goal of Home Staging is to prepare a home so that it sells as quickly as possible and at the best price. Specifically, the Home Staging consists of:

  • Depersonalize
  • Order
  • Clear
  • Clean
  • Repair
  • Organize space and harmonize

The work of the Home Stager is to use these techniques to highlight the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of a property. Therefore, it is not a question of hiding defects, but of fixing them. Is it not about decorating the house, since the decoration is something very personal and in the case of Home Staging the goal is to make the house a neutral and welcoming place in which the majority of visitors feel comfortable.