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YSARQ is a brand, an architectural space, a company of Projects and Reforms, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, designed to offer a comprehensive service to our clients in different geographic locations, advising them to monetize real estate investments, whether in new construction or renovation, So that the projects we undertake, once in operation, meet the requirements by which they had their origin.

Our hallmark is the satisfaction of our customers.



Project Management Tenerife Canarias
Decoracion de interiores Tenerife
Consultoria tecnica de construccion Tenerife Canarias
Decoracion de interiores Tenerife
Consultoria tecnica de construccion Tenerife Canarias


-Construction and Reform:

For both private and business clients, we manage construction projects (new construction and renovation) in the following sectors:

  • Residential building.
  • Civil work.
  • Commercial shops and offices.
  • Hotels and resorts.

-Interior Design:

Our interior design department specializes in the design of spaces and furniture, under the premise of functionality, aesthetics and opening spaces, which provide the comfort necessary to live and develop the functions for which they were designed.

Also, we do Home Staging, or a set of techniques that allow to enhance a home and give it a more attractive look for potential buyers. Home Staging literally means staging the house.


-Project Management:

In the field of Project Management, we have PMP© certified personnel, being one of the pioneer companies in Tenerife. Through the application of accumulated knowledge and our "lessons learned", we deliver our projects strictly complying with deadlines and costs stipulated in the contract; this being a differentiating element of competition.


We also highlight the Construction Management, as well as the Safety and Health Coordination, which we carry out both for our projects and for external projects.


-Technical Consultancy:

Technical advice for companies, professionals and individuals, as well as collaborations in external projects; highlight:

  • Calculations of Installations and Structures.
  • Economic Feasibility Studies.
  • Opening and Activity Licenses.
  • Energy certificates, Building Evaluation Reports (IEE).

-Photogrammetry with Drones:

Photogrammetry is a technique for determining the geometric properties of objects and spatial situations from photographic images; We use drones, and we have the qualifications, as well as operating manuals required by AESA.


-Corporative Branding:

It is the process of building a recognizable brand, with personality and that is remembered by very clear concepts or ideas. For this, there are five key elements (they are not the only ones that you can use, but they are the main ones.



The most important capital or asset, is our team, dedicated to offer the client a versatile and integrative character; This is why the client is part of our multidisciplinary "family", which allows us to increase our responsiveness and quality of work. Our extensive professional background and our training allow us to face with complete guarantee of success all those projects related to the construction sector, whether residential, civil, hotel or commercial. New technologies also allow us to carry out relocated work in collaboration with other professionals in the sector.
One of the business techniques that most synergy and success brings us are the collaborations, the ties or union with other companies and professionals, with whom we conduct business in the long term, based on the main values that conform the ethics of YSARQ: Credibility, Honesty and Transparency. In this way, one of the objectives is to work with teams that demand timely or continuously form our collaboration.


Our methodology is based on the principles and standards that the PMI© applies in the Project Management PMP©. In every project, the five groups of processes are present, which are:


-Initiation: Recognize that the project, phase or activity should begin. This process includes the definition of project objectives, phase or activity. It is a process that must be given special importance and involve all stakeholders, to collect requirements and define perfectly the scope of the project, or, in other words, what the client needs and the functionalities that must meet.


-Planning: Design of a scheme and organization, a plan to meet the objectives. A good project plan should plan the scope, times, organization, costs, risk identification, quality, human resources, procurement or procurement ... that is why YSARQ Projects and Reforms in Tenerife, we leave nothing to chance, and plan deeply how to undertake the projects we draft.


-Execution: Coordinate the resources to carry out the determined Plan, as well as to control and manage metrics of success that allow us to measure and communicate advances to the stakeholders, as well as to deliver results. It is the actual phase of production of the deliverable.


-Monitoring and Control (Evaluation): Monitoring and measurement of the state of the project, phase or activity, to make the right decisions and / or corrective actions; When making risk management, these decisions and / or corrective actions, have been previously planned, as well as their response measures, to eliminate or mitigate possible negative effects that impact the project.
-Closing: Formalization of the acceptance of the final product or service (project objective) and end of Project. Once delivered to the client or end user, at YSARQ Projects and Reforms in Tenerife, we make a detailed file of what we call "lessons learned", so that our accumulated experience allows us to apply the best practices and decisions for future projects. This is one of the reasons why quality is a consequence of our own work.


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